About Us

Dean Wright-Vocals


Dean has been a zealot of rock music since as long as he can remember, has been the lead singer in bands as diverse as you can imagine with a professional versatility that many can only aspire to.  He is a rare breed that can belt out song after song with a conviction that is matched by his ability to sing consistently in tune, unlike many of his covers’ peers.

Also, somewhat unusual for a front man, Dean’s rather adept at the practical side of life, and is never happier than when making band accessories such as bespoke advertising merchandise, and a big black box that illuminates the entire county of Devon when he stands on it.  This causes his bandmates temporary blindness which only adds to his pleasure during performances. He has more wardrobe changes than Lady Gaga, due to his energetic, crowd pleasing, onstage antics.

Guitar, backing vocals


Tony Dunne-Keyboards, backing vocals


Tony is a lot of an all rounder in the music field, he can play guitar and trumpet, as well as keyboard.  He is the band sound tech, and has composed and recorded instrumental music scores for award nominated animation shorts.  He was part of a successful, original material, indie rock band for a couple of years but now likes to make his keyboard sound like a saxophone, or horn section, or an ocean liner fog horn.  As the owner of the band’s mixing desk, Tony now lectures people on the important art of not putting fizzy energy drinks in the same carry case as your desk, and has almost sonar capabilities when tracing where he may or may not have left it, the last time we used it.

Robin Alexander-Drums


Robin is the newest addition to The hybrid5 lineup, and is also the youngest; tho he makes up for only just shedding his milk teeth with a wealth of experience and talent in his drummerist field.  He’s been in bands since school, has a degree in music, is a Performing Arts Technician, and has an enviable reputation already amongst his musician peers.  He looks a lot like an extra in a Sean Connery Bond film and owns a pair of drumsticks that light up in the dark.  He’s a little bit wary of dogs and has been to America; where he hopes to live in Nashville one day, playing drums with country musicians, whilst wearing a ten gallon hat.  He has two nice drum kits and a lovely smile

Dan Huggins-Bass


Dan has been playing bass guitar for well over a decade; though you would be forgiven for assuming that he had actually been studying the dark art for far longer.  He owns many versions of the instrument and is constantly practicing whenever he can, much to his family’s delight!  He has achieved an honours degree in music, has founded, played in and self managed successful bands, and worked with a name producer. His youthful appearance belies the experience and proficiency in his playing, tho sometimes he gets over excited and forgets to plug his speaker extension cabinet in!  Dan comes complete with a wistful of curious and doubtless sentimental armbands.  He may or may not bake his own bread at home and it’s probably bass shaped - allegedly.